Truck Driver Error / Negligence

Accidents involving large, 18-wheeler vehicles can be extremely dangerous, both for the drivers of the truck and for other drivers or pedestrians on the roadway. While these accidents might be caused by a variety of conditions, they are all too frequently the result of a truck driver’s error or negligence. Such negligence shows a disregard of other driver’s safety and, unfortunately, can result in the serious and long-lasting injuries of innocent people.

Truck drivers who act negligently and, as a result, cause accidents and harm to unsuspecting people can be held liable for their reckless actions through a civil claim. These claims are often extremely beneficial as they allow victims of other people’s negligence to seek much-needed financial compensation and justice.

Examples of Error / Negligence

Truck drivers can perform numerous behaviors that might be legally considered negligent. Some of the more common behaviors that are negligent include the following:

  • Failure to Signal Turns
  • Aggressive Driving
  • Driving with Overweight Load
  • Driving During Adverse Conditions

These behaviors can be extremely unsafe for both truck drivers and for others on the road. Unfortunately, such behaviors threaten innocent people’s safety on a daily basis, leaving them facing serious injuries and related financial expenses. Victims of such an accident might have to pay for expensive surgeries, doctor’s visits, or even vehicle repairs and replacement. While these expenses can add up quickly, the truck driver who hit you might actually hold some of the responsibility.

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