Mechanical Defect or Malfunction

Large trucks are used frequently to transport goods and products throughout the country. As such, in order for these trucks to get to their destination safely and without injuring others, the trucks must be in good working order. Unfortunately, sometimes these large trucks are defective or malfunctioning in some way, leading them to cause serious car accidents with other drivers. In such incidents, the costs of the accident, the injuries victims sustain, and the many other losses involved may actually be the responsibility of the manufacturer or trucking company who failed to ensure the truck’s parts were safe to use.

4 Common Problems

There are many ways that large trucks might be defective, especially as they spend more time on the road. These issues could develop overtime or be a result of poorly designed or manufactured parts.

Some of the most common truck defects and malfunctions that cause serious accidents include:

  • Brake Malfunction
  • Insufficient Underride Protection
  • Tire Defects
  • Trailer Malfunction

All of these and other truck problems could make a large truck much more dangerous and, thus, more likely to cause an accident. However, these problems are often beyond the control of a particular driver and are, rather, the fault of the trucking company, party in charge of maintenance, or parts manufacturer.

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