Employer Negligence / Liability

Trucking companies have to be run efficiently and responsibly by their owners. Unfortunately, trucking company employers and managers are sometimes negligent in their duties and responsibilities, both to their employees and to other drivers. While this negligence can take many different forms, all tend to neglect the safety or wellbeing of truck drivers or other drivers on the road, as such negligence can all too easily lead to dangerous truck accidents and serious injuries.

Unfortunately, these accidents and injuries often cause victims months, if not more, of suffering and hefty financial burdens. Many people are unsure of what they can do in such a situation; however, when a trucking company can be found liable for causing an accident, they may actually be the ones who have to bear a large portion of the burdens a victim faces.

Examples of Employer Negligence / Liability

There are many different ways that an employer could be found guilty of being negligent and have to assume liability for a subsequent accident or injury. Some of the major ways in which trucking companies regularly violate their duties include:

  • Hours of Service Violations
  • Negligent Hiring
  • Failure to Train / Inadequate Training
  • Failure to Inspect Vehicles

All of these actions could be categorized as trucking employer negligence, leading to the company being held liable for any accidents that occur as a result of these actions.

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