Dallas Mercury Poisoning Lawyers

Mercury poisoning is not as common as it once was, but its associated health effects still plague many people each year. Mercury can still be found in some foods and household products, potentially exposing consumers to its dangers – especially if a manufacturer or property owner does not take due diligence. Victims of poisoning can suffer from a number of very serious side effects that can be both physically dangerous and financially burdensome. But some Dallas area victims of mercury poisoning might also be entitled to receive financial compensation, as the attorneys of Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter would point out.

Dangers of Mercury Poisoning

Mercury poisoning can have terrible side effects. When ingested, mercury can quickly poison the body, potentially leading to:

  • Vision damage
  • Speech/hearing damage
  • Difficulties with movements/walking difficulties
  • Sensation disruption (“pins and needles” feeling)
  • Muscle weakness/damage

These side effects are all too common in victims of mercury poisoning and can affect the physical and mental wellness of any individual. But an experienced attorney may be able to provide comfort in the form of financial compensation for qualified Dallas mercury poisoning victims.

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