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An amputation, which is the loss of a limb, are, sadly, one of the more common injuries that construction workers or passersby affected by a construction accident find themselves facing. This is largely due to the large equipment found on construction sites and the unstable nature of construction sites. Tragically, an amputation can be not only extremely physically burdensome, but also psychologically and financially. From the emotional trauma of losing a limb to paying for therapy, reconstructive surgery, and other costs, having a limb amputated can place a person in a situation that is seemingly impossible for them to recover from.

Our team at the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter knows how devastating an amputation is for those in Dallas that suffer from them. Though nothing can make up fully for the loss of a limb, many victims of an amputation caused by a construction site accident are able to get the justice and financial compensation they deserve by holding the contractor or property owner responsible.

Effects of Amputations for Workers

Having one’s limb removed, whether and arm or a leg, can have numerous side effects, not all of which are physical. An amputation can have a significant impact on a person in the following ways:

  • Losing one’s job due to the inability to work
  • Financial insecurity
  • High medical costs
  • Inability to live alone / dependency
  • Emotional mood swings / depression
  • Loss of self-worth

Dealing with these and other repercussions of an amputation can be incredibly difficult; however, with the help of a supportive and compassionate lawyer, you may be able to fight for the justice and compensation you need.

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