No-Zone Accidents

A large 18-wheeler truck has blind spots just like other vehicles; however, these spots, which are commonly referred to as “no-zone” areas, are much larger and more numerous than the blind spots on the average vehicle. As a result, truck drivers have to be especially careful when they are changing lanes or approaching another vehicle because these no-zone areas are areas in which vehicles might be located but are not easily seen. When truck drivers fail to check these areas before changing lanes or drive safely with regards to these zones, they can cause serious accidents, for which they should be held responsible.

Where are the No-Zones?

The no-zone areas of an 18-wheeler are located in four different areas and include the following spots:

  • Directly in front of a truck
  • On the passenger side of the truck, right next to the passenger door
  • On the driver’s side of the truck, right behind the driver’s door
  • Directly behind the truck

A truck driver has to manually check these areas before he or she can safely move into them. If a truck driver does not exercise this caution that is necessary for avoiding no-zone accidents, many people can be injured as a result.

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