Drunk Driving Accidents

Despite widespread advertising campaigns and advocacy efforts of anti-drunk driving groups like MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving), drunk driving remains a common and serious problem in the United States. Thousands of people are injured by drunk drivers in the U.S. every year, many fatally so. In most, if not all, of these cases, the injuries and losses of life could have been avoided if the drunk driver chose to make more responsible decisions. As such, these drivers should be held accountable for all of the repercussions of their actions, including the numerous losses and expenses victims sustain.

Common Drunk Driving Behaviors

Drunk drivers exhibit many of the same driving behaviors across the board. Some of the characteristics that can be used to identify drunk drivers include:

  • Swerving between lanes
  • Veering into oncoming traffic
  • Slowly coasting through stop signs / red lights
  • Suddenly stopping or starting a vehicle
  • Erratic vehicle movements

These actions might indicate that a driver is operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or another controlled substance. Sadly, these behaviors very frequently lead to the serious injury or fatality of innocent people. But like any other driver on the road, a drunk driver can be held both legally and financially accountable for his or her actions if they result in the injury of another person.

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