Woman hit by tractor-trailer along Interstate 35E dies

Twenty-four-year-old Johnetta Morgan died after a commercial truck hit her on Interstate 35E near 8th Street at around 6:50 a.m. on June 10, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Reports indicate that Morgan left her vehicle after experiencing an initial car crash. Her car was sideways on the highway. She was only outside her car in the southbound lanes for a few minutes before a tractor-trailer truck hit both her and her car. The truck driver remained at the scene of the accident.

Dallas County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Raul Reyna advised motorists who become involved in an accident along the freeway to quickly cross to a median if there are no dangers that would prevent them from doing so. If their car is still working, Reyna said drivers should pull their vehicle safely off the road onto a shoulder. Another option for car accident victims is to remain in the vehicle with their seat belt on while they call 911 to get help from the police.

Two fatal accidents in Dallas on April 5

Two people were killed in separate accidents the night of April 5 in Dallas, according to a report by WFAA 8 on April 5.

Twenty-year-old Paul Miltenberger was attempting to cross the north side of East Mockingbird Lane in the 5500 block, which is across the street from the DART station. There was no crosswalk where he attempted to traverse the six lanes of the street, and Miltenberger was hit by an oncoming black Dodge Charger at around 2:20 a.m. The truck driver did not stop to check on the man or render aid after the pedestrian accident, according to a statement by police spokesperson Officer Juan Fernandez.

Another fatal accident under investigation occurred the same night. The driver of a Dodge Ram pickup truck, whose name has not been publicly released, lost control of his vehicle at a curve on the corner of Pine Street and Malcolm X Boulevard. Missing the curve, the driver crashed into a light pole before coming to a stop at a metal fence.

24-year-old killed after Tampa Bay Rays-Texas Rangers game

Twenty-four-year-old Jay Wolf, an aspiring musician and member of a prominent Tampa family, was struck by a vehicle on the night of August 12 in Arlington, Texas after a Tampa Bay Rays-Texas Rangers baseball game, The Tampa Bay Times reported.

According to reports, Wolf drove for three hours from Austin, where he resided, to watch the game at Globe Life Park. He left his car at his hotel and commuted to the stadium. After the game at around midnight, Wolf was hit by a westbound car on Interstate 30, north of the ball field, as he was heading back to his hotel. It is not known why Wolf was walking on the freeway. The driver who hit him fully cooperated with the police investigation of this pedestrian accident.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter offer their deep condolences to the friends and family suffering from this great loss.

Man killed while walking home in Seagoville

A pedestrian who was walking home rather than driving due to the fact that he was too inebriated died after being hit by a vehicle on July 29 in Seagoville, Texas.

Betty Williams, the victim’s ex-wife, said 61-year-old Robert Locklin dropped by her house during the early hours of Monday morning. After a few hours, he insisted on going home, but his son had taken out the battery out of Locklin’s truck to prevent him from driving, as he was still drunk.

According to Williams, Locklin wanted immediately to depart for his own house, so he started walking. Ten minutes after Locklin left, their son found him dead on the street, Williams also said.

Andrew Sparrow of the Seagoville Police Department said Locklin was the victim of a hit-and-run. The driver who hit Locklin later turned himself in.

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