Texas leads the nation in wrong-way crashes

Wrong-way vehicle accidents remain prevalent throughout the state of Texas, as there has been a jump in the number of drivers causing vehicle accidents by going the wrong-way on a street such as a one-way. In fact, Texas now leads the nation in the number of wrong-way crashes.

Most wrong-way crashes happen at night or early in the morning and also involve drugs and alcohol.

According to a University of Texas student that had her own close call with a wrong-way driver, it might help to make street signs larger and more visible to drivers. The North Texas Tollway Authority lowered signs at certain intersections on Dallas tollways to three feet, and this led to a significant drop in wrong-way incidents.

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Mother and Daughter Killed in Accident

Saadia Ghaffar, a mother of three, and her youngest child, Zoya, both from Frisco, were killed in a car accident last month when their vehicle was hit by an oncoming SUV, according to the police.

The 38-year-old mother and her 2-year-old daughter were taken to different hospitals, where they both passed away from their injuries.

Ghaffar and her child were riding in their minivan when an SUV traveling in the opposite direction crossed the center line and struck their vehicle. The 21-year-old SUV driver, on the other hand, was treated for injuries sustained in the accident and released.

Our thoughts are with the victim’s family and friends after this terrible tragedy.

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