Robert Hilliard accused of brokering deals with GM

Lance Cooper, a lawyer who played a major role in uncovering the defective ignition switch of Michigan-based automaker General Motors Co., filed a motion on Wednesday, January 27 in which he claimed that Texas personal injury attorney Robert Hilliard, the lead attorney of the multidistrict litigation against GM, brokered a sweetheart deal with the company. Cooper accused Hilliard of agreeing to minimize the automaker’s liability exposure in exchange for selecting his cases as bellwether trials in the ignition switch litigation, thereby increasing his legal fees.

On behalf of his clients in nine cases, Cooper has asked United States District Judge for the Southern District of New York Jesse Furman to take back a deal in which Hilliard and GM settled 1,380 cases for $575 million on September 17, 2015. GM has asked Judge Furman to dismiss this request.

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Death claims in GM’s defective ignition switch recall rises to 80

The death toll from General Motors’s defective ignition switch has reached 80, according to the office of lawyer Kenneth Feinberg, who was hired to approve claims on the company’s behalf, Automotive News reported on April 7.

Feinberg has approved 148 injury claims, which are characterized as a combination of claims for serious wounds and claims for less life-threatening injuries.

The deadline for filing claims was Jan. 31, 2015.

The recall of 2.6 million GM vehicles was made because faulty ignition switches posed a danger to the occupants of some GM vehicles. The switch may turn off, resulting in a suddenly stalled car and the non-deployment of the airbags in the event of a crash.

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NHTSA fines Takata for non-cooperation in faulty airbag investigation

The United States government, via the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has issued a fine of $14,000 per day to Japanese automotive parts company Takata Corp. for every day that it does not cooperate with U.S. federal regulators regarding the investigation of its faulty airbags, Reuters reported on February 20.

Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said the NHTSA gave two orders to Takata in late 2014 that mandated the company allow the agency access to documents and other related material relevant to their investigation of Takata’s faulty airbags.

The defect associated with the Takata airbags has been linked to at least four deaths.

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GM sued by plaintiffs not covered in compensation fund

A personal injury lawyer from Texas filed a lawsuit against General Motors on behalf of 658 individuals, 29 of whom died and 629 of whom were badly injured, who were affected by GM’s recalled vehicles but not covered under the compensation program, Detroit Free Press reported on July 31.

The ignition switch defect was found in vehicles that included Chevrolet Cobalt, Saturn Ion, the 1997-2005 Chevrolet Malibu, the 2000-2005 Chevrolet Impala, the 1998-2002 Oldsmobile Intrique, and the 2004-2006 Cadillac SRX.

GM has recently accepted responsibility for three fatalities and 14 injuries that were not formerly connected to the 10-million Cobalt Ion recall. These cases happened after 2009, the year when GM’s bankruptcy restructuring protected it from lawsuits; therefore, the cases can be tried.

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