Suspect in wrong-way crash might have been drinking

A wrong-way accident that claimed the life of 22-year-old Burleson, Texas resident Maranda Abshire and her two children, five-year-old Christopher Adrian Dominguez and two-year-old Cruz Dominguez in North Texas on Sunday, March 8, according to

Abshire’s Ford Mustang was hit by a wrong-way driver operating a Toyota pickup truck along U.S. Highway 67 in Alvarado at around 1:30 a.m. Abshire’s 13-year-old half sister, Lindsey Reynolds,was also in the car at the time of the accident. She was taken to Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth for treatment, but is expected to pull through. According to Alvarado police, they were already alerted to the presence of the wrong-way driver on the highway and were on their way to address the situation when the accident happened.

The man who caused the crash was flown to a hospital to address his injuries. Authorities stated that they found empty containers of alcohol in his vehicle.

Drunk driving victim dies after five years in near-vegetative state

Eight-year-old Dallas resident Abdallah Khader, who was crushed in a vehicular accident in 2009 by repeat drunk driving offender Stewart Richardson, died on January 11 after spending years in a near-vegetative state, WFAA-TV reported.

The car crash in Arlington almost six years ago made Khader nearly brain dead. Khader had been strapped into his car seat, just two years old at the time, when Richardson crashed into their family vehicle. Richardson’s blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit.

Richardson, who has since then been detained in a Tarrant County jail, has yet to undergo trial due to delays instigated in an effort to enhance his punishment by including driving while impaired charges in other states.

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One killed in Dallas seven-vehicle crash

One person was killed while two others sustained various injuries in a seven-vehicle crash caused by the drunk driver of a stolen vehicle in Dallas, the Dallas Morning News reported on November 25.

It started when the Mesquite Police Department received a 911 call about a motorist driving an SUV who was suspected of drunken driving because of the way he was speeding along the LBJ Freeway. Once the police caught up with the vehicle, they determined that the Jeep Grand Cherokee was a stolen vehicle.

The SUV, with the police in pursuit, did not stop at a red light at LBJ and Ferguson Road, then ran another red light at Ferguson and Maylee Boulevard, which led to a fatal collision that involved four other vehicles.

The speeding Jeep driver was injured, but tragically, the passenger in another vehicle died after being brought to the hospital.

Allen man dies in drunk-driving crash in Plano

25-year-old Allen, Texas resident Juneho Yum died after 30-year-old Plano resident Ryan Jacob Forbes allegedly ran a red light on Wednesday, April 22 at around 1 a.m., hitting Yum as he was walking down the road.

Police investigators and emergency medical responders declared Yum dead at the scene of the accident. Police said Forbes was able to get out of his sport utility vehicle and left the scene. Forbes is facing a number of charges, including charges of intoxication manslaughter. He has posted bail and is currently awaiting trial.

This is the second drunk driving accident in Plano within a week’s time.

At the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, we extend our deepest condolences to the loved ones of the victim at this difficult time.

Two killed, one seriously injured in Dallas car accident

Two people were killed and a 9-year-old girl was seriously injured in a car accident that occurred last week near the Pleasant Grove area. According to police officials, the accident occurred when a driver ran through a red light at an intersection.

The driver was traveling westbound on Military Parkway when he ran through the light at Jim Miller Road. The driver was allegedly traveling home from his birthday party when he crashed into three vehicles that were at the same intersection.

Police investigating the incident stated that the driver seemed drunk and believe he attempted to flee the scene afterward. He was transported to the hospital in order to be treated for a broken wrist.

One vehicle that was struck was sent flying into a pole as a result of the collision. The two adults inside of this vehicle were pronounced dead at the scene. A young child was thrown from the car during the collision and she was transported to the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas in order to be treated for serious injuries.

The driver of another vehicle was also transported to the hospital, but is said to be in good condition.  Police officers have charged the driver of the first vehicle with intoxication assault and and two counts of intoxication manslaughter.

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