Deadly two-vehicle accident closes I-35 in Burleson

A woman lost her life in a two-vehicle collision along Interstate 35 near Renfro Street in Burleson, Texas on Sunday, January 24 at around 10:00 in the morning. The victim was identified as 36-year-old Rendon resident Autumn Leigh Rawlinson.

According to preliminary investigations, Rawlinson had been a passenger in a 1994 GMC Sierra truck operated by 47-year-old Paul Christopher McDonough. McDonough’s vehicle rear-ended another truck traveling in the northbound lanes of I-35, causing the truck he hit to be pushed into the guardrail. The impact of the collision caused the Sierra to spin around and come to a rest facing the wrong way in the lanes of traffic on the interstate. The force of the spin caused Rawlinson and McDonough to be thrown from the vehicle. Rawlinson was declared dead at the scene of the accident while McDonough was airlifted to a nearby hospital.

The northbound lanes of Interstate 35 were temporarily closed to public traffic to make way for accident reconstruction and maintenance cleanup crews. The highway was reopened after five hours.

Video game player gets hit by car inside own apartment

Ben Rose was sitting at home, playing his new video game, when suddenly an automobile came hurtling out of nowhere and crashed into his living room in Irving, Texas on Sunday, December 13. The Hyundai Sonata crashed through the wall of his apartment and caused Rose multiple injuries.

In an interview with CBS 11 in Dallas, Rose said: “Everybody asks, were you walking in a parking lot? Or were you in your car? What do you mean she drove through your apartment?”

While the shock of the incident is a major factor for Rose, what could be even more upsetting is the fact that the driver of the vehicle had no insurance with which to pay for the victim’s injuries. The driver was cited for her failure to provide proof of insurance, but her actions are not considered to be criminal as it is believe that the woman simply mistook the acceleration pedal for the brake. Now Rose is left to deal with the financial burden of his injuries as a result.

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Two women, three boys die in Crystal City collision

A two-vehicle collision that happened on Monday, December 14 at around 1:15 a.m. near the Maverick and Zavala County line in Texas has resulted in the deaths of five people. According to preliminary investigations by Texas State troopers, a Dodge Charger collided head-on with a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck along Highway 57.

The Charger was occupied by two women and two young boys. Both women and one of the boys died in the wreck. The two women were sitting at the front of the vehicle – one was a driver, the other was a passenger – while the boys were in the backseat. The surviving boy was taken to a San Antonio hospital for treatment of his injuries.

The Chevrolet Silverado was carrying three women and two boys from Eagle Pass. Both boys were killed in the collision, while the women were rushed to a San Antonio hospital.

Police have yet to report on the conditions of the three hurt victims, and their identities have not been released pending notification of the families.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is handling the investigation along with the Maverick County Sheriff’s Office.

Witnesses save driver’s life after fiery crash in Lake Highlands

A two-vehicle collision involving a garbage truck and a sedan on Wednesday, Nov. 25 trapped the driver of the sedan as flames rose from the hood of his car. A couple delivering cookies to the nearby Walmart inadvertently became the first responders and helped call 911 and extinguish the flames from the vehicle.

According to preliminary investigations,  garbage disposal truck driver had struck the BMW sedan as it was coming from the opposite side of Northwest Highway, and as the truck driver had been trying to make his way into a parking lot from the same highway.

Dallas Fire-Rescue search and rescue crews were able to extinguish the fire, separate the garbage truck from the car, and get the victim out of the burning car.

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Texas leads the nation in wrong-way crashes

Wrong-way vehicle accidents remain prevalent throughout the state of Texas, as there has been a jump in the number of drivers causing vehicle accidents by going the wrong-way on a street such as a one-way. In fact, Texas now leads the nation in the number of wrong-way crashes.

Most wrong-way crashes happen at night or early in the morning and also involve drugs and alcohol.

According to a University of Texas student that had her own close call with a wrong-way driver, it might help to make street signs larger and more visible to drivers. The North Texas Tollway Authority lowered signs at certain intersections on Dallas tollways to three feet, and this led to a significant drop in wrong-way incidents.

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Driver involved in 2 separate crashes in Dallas

A driver is now facing at least two charges of intoxication assault after being involved in two separate crashes on early Wednesday, Oct. 28. The second instance was a violent collision in downtown Dallas sent four people to the hospital.

The series of events began with a camo-colored truck sideswiping an SUV and then continuing down the street. The driver of the SUV alerted the police about the incident and the details of the truck. Shortly thereafter, police found the second crash scene.

Police reported that the driver of the truck ran a red light on the eastbound side of the Woodall Rogers Freeway service road near the intersection with Akard Street and collided with an SUV carrying three people inside. This second accident was just a few blocks away from the first one.

All four people involved were taken to the hospital. The 25-year-old driver of the SUV is in critical condition, while a 15-year-old passenger is in stable condition and a 48-year-old passenger was determined to have no injuries. The driver of the truck was taken to the hospital but refused treatment.

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Accident kills one Plano teen, wounds another

A one-vehicle accident claimed the life of a teenager and injured another just before 2 a.m. last Sunday, July 26 in Plano, Texas.

Plano police officer David Tilley identified 18-year-old Alger Ben Baker III as the individual who was killed in the incident. The passenger of the vehicle, 18-year-old Daniel Mushock, suffered a serious leg wound.

According to preliminary investigations, Baker was driving his 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe along Preston Road in Plano when, for reasons unknown, the vehicle veered off the roadway and crashed into a traffic light pole at the intersection of Preston Road and Tennyson Parkway. The vehicle erupted into flames soon after the collision.

Witnesses to the accident were able to pull Mushock, the passenger, out of the vehicle, but before they were able to help Baker, the vehicle became fully engulfed with flames, causing Baker’s death at the scene of the accident.

Drunk driver in fatal accident sentenced to 15 years

Dallas resident Ivan Garcia Esparza, 23, pleaded guilty to two counts of manslaughter on June 1 in relation to the drunk driving vehicular accident that caused the deaths of a married couple, according to the Dallas Morning News.

24-year-old Danny Reed, Jr., and Chantae Reed were killed in 2014 when Esparza struck the Reeds’ SUV along I-635 at I-35E. The SUV struck a concrete wall and caught fire.

Esparza, who had a blood alcohol level of .271 at the time, will serve 15 years in prison for this crime.

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Young girl in fatal Dallas car accident identified

Eight-year-old Jordin Barrett was found dead in floodwaters after her mother’s vehicle veered off the road and flipped over and embankment in Dallas, The Dallas Morning News reported on May 31.

The vehicle crossed one or two lanes on U.S. Highway 175 near Second Street before it rolled over. Barrett’s body was identified by the Dallas County medical examiner’s office after being found by fire department boats. In addition to Barrett and her mother, the vehicle held a man and three other children.

The adult victims were transported to Parkland Memorial Hospital; their conditions were not disclosed. The surviving children, however, were all in stable condition at the Children’s Medical Center Dallas.

Police investigators are still trying to determine what circumstances could have caused the accident in the first place.

The legal team at the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter extend their thoughts to the friends and family affected by this tragic accident.

One killed in motorcycle crash on the Dallas North Tollway

One person lost his life in a traffic accident that involved one car and two motorcycles on the Dallas North Tollway, the Dallas Morning News reported on April 26.

According to a spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Safety Lonny Haschel, a maroon Nissan Sentra was heading south on the ramp to the President George Bush Turnpike in Far North Dallas when its driver lost control of the wheel, causing the vehicle to crash into the retaining wall and flip over.

When this happened, two motorcycles traveling behind the car crashed into it at around 5 a.m. One motorcyclist was reported dead at the scene of the accident while the driver of the other motorcycle was transported to Baylor Hospital in Plano for the treatment of his critical injuries. The female driver of the Nissan sustained life-threatening injuries and was taken to the Medical Center of Plano.

Haschel added that investigators have yet to ascertain what factors could have caused the driver to lose control of her vehicle in the first place.

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