Nurse and Ebola survivor Nina Pham sues Texas Health Resources

Nina Pham, a nurse who works at Dallas-based Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, the hospital that housed the United States’ first Ebola case, filed a lawsuit against the hospital’s parent company on March 2, according to the LA Times.

Pham claimed that Texas Health Resources did not provide her with adequate training before she began to care for Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan. According to Pham’s lawsuit, her initial training on treating an Ebola patient came from an internet print-out read by her supervisor. She added that the protective gear the hospital provided her with left her neck and arm exposed, and for the first three days as Duncan’s nurse, she was not provided a hazmat suit.

The lawsuit noted that Texas Health Resources was guilty of gross negligence, fraud, and invasion of privacy and that Pham was a “symbol of corporate neglect – a casualty of a hospital system’s failure to prepare for a known and impending medical crisis.”

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