GM CEO to answer questions in House committee hearing April 1

Detroit, Michigan-based automaker General Motors Co.’s chief executive officer, Mary Barra, is set to be questioned at a United States congressional hearing on Tuesday, April 1 amid an investigation as to why it took GM 10 years to recall vehicles that have ignition switch issues, causing at least 12 accidental deaths.

The House of Representative’s energy and commerce committee chairman, Fred Upton (Republican of Michigan), stated that National Highway Traffic Safety Administration acting administrator David Friedman is also invited to the hearing to find out “what the company and NHTSA knew about the safety problem, when they knew it, and what was done about it.”

In a statement released Thursday, March 20, Upton said the probe aims to determine whether the accidents could have been prevented and to enact measures to make sure that accidents such as those that have occurred don’t happen again.

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