League City couple sues McDonalds for personal injury

League City resident Beth Garcia, along with her spouse, Michael, filed a personal injury lawsuit on September 4 in Galveston County District Court against Kacoms Communications Inc. and McDonald’s Corp. The lawsuit is based on a fall that occurred at a local McDonalds that allegedly required her to undergo surgery.

According to court documents, Beth Garcia was dining at the restaurant on Sept. 23, 2011 when “she slipped and fell in the dining room of the store next to the drink and condiment dispensing station” because of “liquid and other material that was left on the floor.”

The fall made Beth Garcia strike the door jamb near the playpen, necessitating a call to 911, Garcias said. League City emergency medical personnel took her to the nearby Clear Lake Regional Hospital, where she was found to have fractured her right humerus and dislocated her right shoulder.

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