Your Rights After an Unlawful Arrest

Resisting arrest is never encouraged; however there are instances when an arrest is unlawful and you have certain rights that can protect you in such instances. Most people consider an unlawful arrest as any police arrest that is made without a substantial reason. An example of this would be if an individual did not break the law, yet they are restrained and treated as if a law was broken. There are a number of damages with which a person who was unlawfully arrested may charge an offending officer. These damages could surmount to further sums if the unlawful arrest led to interrogation or imprisonment.

What Constitutes Unlawful Arrest?

Unlawful arrests may be difficult to prove due to the involvement of an officer of the law. In these complex cases, it is suggested to consult and hire a skilled attorney that is familiar with unlawful arrests. One such attorney may be able to help you with the following circumstances:

  • Intentional restrictions of freedom
  • Unlawful interrogation
  • Lack of probable cause for arrest
  • Improper restraint

An individual that was a victim of an unlawful arrest may be entitled to damages for humiliation of restraint, any physical damage that occurred during the arrest, and any injury of reputation.

Contact an Unlawful Arrest Lawyer in Dallas

An unlawful arrest is a civil offense for which you can seek damages. If you or someone you know was falsely arrested and detained, contact the aggressive and experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter. You could be entitled to compensation for the damages you sustained during and after your unlawful arrest. For more information about your legal options or how we can help you during this time, call (214) 457-1668 today.

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