What is Trucking Company Negligence?

Trucking company negligence can be generally understood to refer to any behavior on the part of a trucking company owner or operator that endangers its own drivers or anyone who has to share the road with its drivers. As a broad category of behaviors, trucking company negligence encompasses a variety of different behaviors.

Should a person be injured as a result of trucking company negligence, it is the trucking company that may be held accountable for the accident, rather than the driver him or herself. In these cases, the trucking company may be required to pay for the injuries and losses any victims of an accident sustain.

Examples of Trucking Company Negligence

As a broad category of misconduct, trucking company negligence includes a number of specific behaviors and acts; however, each of these behaviors can be specified into one of four general categories of trucking company negligence, which are:

  • Failure to Train Employees
  • Failure to Maintain Vehicles
  • Negligent Hiring Practices
  • Hours of Service Violations

These four main categories of trucking company negligence could all lead to a serious truck accident, involving innocent motorists on the road, in addition to the often unsuspecting truck driver.

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