What Happens in an Amputation Surgery?

By nature, this medical procedure changes a person’s life, as victims of amputations must learn how to perform even basic daily functions in a new way. Amputations can result from car accidents, infections, or other serious injuries. Fortunately, however, if a driver, drug manufacturing company, or other party’s negligent actions have contributed to a person’s amputation, the victim may be due financial compensation.

The Dallas personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter fight diligently on behalf of amputation victims for the funds they need to cover medical costs, physical therapy, and any other related expenses.

Steps Involved in Amputation Surgery

Amputation is a serious medical procedure—one that may result from a serious injury caused by the negligence of another party. When performing this surgery, doctors tend to follow certain steps, which generally include the following:

  • Cleanse affected area
  • Remove tissue as necessary
  • Remove crushed bone
  • Smooth and even out remaining bone
  • Close flaps or leave them open for drainage or cleansing
  • Bandage the area
  • Stabilize the area with a stocking, splint, or traction

After the operation is over, patients can begin recuperating through rehabilitation and the use of assistive devices. Because the costs associated with this procedure are great, it is crucial to discuss pursuing financial restitution with a Dallas attorney who can help you throughout every step of the process.

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