Toxic Substance Exposure at Work

It is not uncommon for construction site employees or other hard labor workers to come into contact with chemicals during the course of their jobs. However, companies who deal with dangerous substances are required to have certain safety precautions in place when employees may be exposed to them. For many substances, notices that list potential health effects, precautions for use, safe storage suggestions, and emergency aid instructions are required to be posted within sight of the chemical. This is to protect employees from the serious injuries and illnesses that exposure to harmful substances can cause.

Exposure to certain chemicals can lead to poisoning, vomiting, rashes, burns, and even nervous system disorders. Employers have a duty to their employees to keep a safe and clean working environment; when regulations are disregarded, the consequence is often the injury, illness, or death of employees.

Common Toxic Substances

Even in workplaces that are generally considered to be safe environments, accidents can happen. For employers who fail to keep important safety information regarding dangerous chemicals easily accessible to employees, the risk of injury or illness is greater. The following types of dangerous substances pose a threat to employees who are not properly notified of safe handling procedures:

  • Acids
  • Glues
  • Pesticides
  • Petroleum products
  • Mercury
  • Lead

Exposure to these chemicals may make it impossible for an employee to continue working and earning a livable wage. As you seek treatment for your exposure, it is important that your employer be held responsible for placing you in a dangerous situation.

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