Suffering an Electric Shock Injury

When a person comes in direct contact with an electrical current, they may experience an electric shock. Injuries from electric shock vary depending on the circumstances, ranging anywhere from minor burns to death. Furthermore, the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission revealed that there are an average of 400 electrocutions in the U.S. every year.

Causes of Electrical Injury

Oftentimes, individuals are electrocuted by common household objects such as wires, circuits, or appliances. While burns are the most common injury from electric shock, the severity of each electric shock is difficult to predict. The most common causes of electrical injury include the following:

  • Exposed or damaged wiring
  • Faulty consumer goods, such as large appliances
  • Outdoor equipment, such as landscaping tools
  • Power tools
  • Ladder contact with a power line
  • Insertion of metal objects into an electrical outlet

If you ever sustain a serious electric shock injury, the safest course of action is to first call 911. Additionally, suffering an electric shock as a result of a faulty premises or a negligent company is grounds for legal action – they could be held responsible for your injuries and any associated monetary costs.

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