Seat Belt Malfunction

Seat belts are designed to keep passengers safe and are required by law to be worn in most states. The function of a seat belt is to stop and restrain a passenger in the event of a collision, effectively keeping the passenger inside the vehicle without being dangerously launched forward. In fact, wearing lap and shoulder belts during an accident increases your chances of survival by 50%.

Common Examples of Seat Belt Failure

When used properly, seat belts are the most effective way to reduce serious injury and fatality in an accident. Unfortunately, this is only true when seat belts function properly. However, if you have a faulty seat belt, your safety is jeopardized beyond your control. Some of the most unfortunately common types of seat belt malfunction include:

  • Accidental unlatching during sudden stops or upon impact
  • Belt dislodging from permanent mount
  • Tearing of belt during impact
  • Poor-fitting shoulder harness
  • Improper installation

If a buckle is defective in function or design and is the cause of serious harm or even death, it may be possible to hold the vehicle manufacturer responsible for these resulting losses.

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