Medical Malpractice and Lack of Informed Consent

Undergoing medical treatment can be a scary and difficult process for any individual. One of the things that can make it more bearable, though, is proper communication between the patient and his or her doctor. When a doctor does not thoroughly discuss the medical procedure with a patient in a way that he or she can understand, that doctor may be guilty of a specific form of medical malpractice known as acting with a lack of informed consent.

A patient who undergoes any kind of treatment he or she does not fully understand has likely had his or her rights violated. Doctors who act without the informed consent of their patients may be responsible for the consequences of that irresponsible behavior.

Informed Consent

If a patient is ill-informed about the nature of a proposed treatment, the patient may undergo a procedure that he or she would not have otherwise chosen to endure. A doctor must disclose specific information regarding the treatment in order to fully and legally inform the patient, including:

  • The kind of medical treatment suggested
  • The purpose of the medical treatment
  • Any alternate medical treatments
  • All of the risks involved
  • Expected recovery time

Additionally, doctors must receive the following before continuing with the treatment:

  • Confirmation that the patient fully understands all of the information presented
  • Consent from the patient to carry out the treatment

Patients whose doctors have violated their trust may suffer additional physical or emotional distress. If your doctor failed to inform you of any of the above details regarding your medical treatment and you suffered as a result, you may be entitled to compensation.

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