Dangerous Pharmaceutical Errors

It is unsurprising that the pharmaceutical industry does so well in the U.S., as millions of people rely on pharmaceutical products to regulate various physical and mental conditions. However, what may be surprising for many is that some of these products are actually more unsafe than the conditions they are supposed to treat, due to problems at the manufacturing, packaging, or distribution level. Unfortunately, as our team at the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter is aware, many people in Dallas suffer from these all too common pharmaceutical errors.

5 Pharmaceutical Errors

Pharmaceutical errors can take lots of different forms, but each one can have dire side effects for people who take the product. Some of the most common forms of error include the following:

  • Unlisted Drug Side Effects
  • Incorrect Labeling
  • Incorrect Dosage
  • Incorrect Prescription
  • Drug Interactions and Complications

The consequences that these pharmaceutical errors can have are often devastating, as they often cause a person serious injury or illness. As a result, victims of pharmaceutical errors are often left suffering physically, emotionally, and financially. Fortunately for those in this position, it may be possible to hold the pharmaceutical manufacturer responsible for these losses and expenses.

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