Claims for Stair Collapse Injuries

While they are relatively uncommon, stair collapses can be exceedingly dangerous when they do occur. Typically, any individual on or near a staircase that collapses will have little to no warning that a collapse is imminent. However, property owners should be aware of the conditions on their property and should either make necessary repairs or prohibit the use of a faulty structure. With that in mind, property owners can typically be held financially liable for their involvement in any injury sustained in a stair collapse accident in the Dallas area.

Conditions Associated with Stair Collapse

Under most circumstances, property owners are under special obligation to maintain the safety of their premises and take reasonable measures to protect their guests. With that in mind, incidents of stair collapse typically involve one or more of the following conditions:

  • Poor maintenance of existing and aging structures
  • Poorly secured foundation
  • Poor quality of craftsmanship and repair

Our Dallas legal team may do everything they possibly can to help you recover the damages you sustained in a stair collapse accident from any negligent property owners who contributed to that accident.

Consult with a Dallas Stair Collapse Attorney

The injuries that can result from a stair collapse accident may be severe and require extensive recovery time. At the Law Offices of Mark T. Lassiter, our Dallas stair collapse attorneys may work with you to aggressively pursue financial restitution from any Dallas property owner whose negligence resulted in your injury. To discuss the particulars of your accident with one of our premises liability attorneys, please call our Dallas offices at (214) 457-1668 today.

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