3 Types of Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is a form of reckless driving that is extremely unsafe, something of which most, if not all, drivers are aware. Yet, millions of drivers across the country engage in a variety of distracted driving behaviors, from texting behind the wheel to eating or drinking in the car, every day, causing other, innocent drivers to be harmed in serious car accidents.

In today’s more technologically dependent world, distracted driving is becoming more and more regular, unfortunately. While there are a seemingly unlimited number of different types of distractions that can take people’s attention from the road, each behavior can be classified into one of the three main categories of distraction, depending on how the distraction affects a person.

3 Primary Distraction Types

Despite the variety of distracted driving behaviors, there are three main ways in which a person can have their attention taken from the road and driving safely. These include:

  • Manual Distraction
  • Visual Distraction
  • Cognitive Distraction

Manual distraction involves having a person’s hands removed from the wheel, visual distraction is when a person’s eyes are not on the road or driving tasks at hand, and cognitive distraction refers to a time when a person is simply not mentally focused on the road. Each type of distraction is extremely dangerous and could easily lead to a car accident involving innocent people.

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