Mark T. Lassiter

Dallas personal injury lawyer Mark T. Lassiter, J.D., is a passionate and determined accident lawyer who is dedicated to upholding the rights of those who have been injured because of another party’s recklessness or negligence. Experienced with a wide variety of personal injury cases, he is ready to represent individuals in legal matters involving:

  • Personal Injury
  • Catastrophic Personal Injury
  • Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Wrongful Death
  • Oil Field Injuries
  • Construction Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Premises Liability
  • Product Liability (Dangerous Products)
  • Nursing Home Negligence
  • Civil Rights Violations
  • Business Law

Regardless of the cause of a person’s injuries or the party responsible, Mark T. Lassiter is dedicated to putting his experience and dedication to work on each and every case he handles.

Experience and Dedication

Mark T. Lassiter has extensive legal experience in a variety of fields and associations, including the following:

  • Former Dallas County Prosecutor
  • Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • American Association for Justice
  • Texas Young Lawyers Association
  • Dallas Bar Association
  • Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
  • Dallas Association for Young Lawyers – Criminal Law Committee


Mark Lassiter graduated with honors from Texas A&M University, earning his degree in Business Management. From there, he attended the South Texas College of Law, where he was a key member in their successful Mock Trial program. It was here that Mark honed the skills necessary to become a successful trial attorney.

  • J.D., South Texas College of Law
  • B.A., Texas A&M University – Business Management

Founding Member

  • Barrett Bright Lassiter Linder

Officer in the U.S. Military

Airborne Infantry

Mark Lassiter began his career in the military at the age of 18, as an Airborne Infantryman, where he served as part of the 143rd Long Range Surveillance Team (LRS). The team was designed to parachute in behind enemy lines and radio crucial intelligence back to the front lines, without being detected by the enemy. This required countless hours of training and an acute attention to detail, as any small mistake could lead to the destruction of the entire team. As a member of the 143rd LRS, Mark learned how to work under strict timetables in a constantly stress-filled environment, a quality he can bring to your case.


After serving with the 143rd Long Range Surveillance Team, Mark became a gunner in an M1 Abrams A2 tank. While training for service as a tank gunner, Mark was the honor graduate of his class.

Officer Candidate School / Judge Advocate General

While serving as a tank gunner, Mark was selected to attend Officer Candidate School, a program designed to teach enlisted soldiers the leadership and tactical skills they needed to become officers. He again rose to the challenge, receiving honors for his excellent performance.

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